How to increase the battery life - ThinkPad

How to increase the battery life - ThinkPad

Instructions on how to increase the battery life on a ThinkPad system.


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Z60m, Z60t, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t OPERATING SYSTEMS:

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7

A ThinkPad battery can be set up for maximum runtime (hours) or for maximum lifespan (years) before it must be replaced.

Optimizing for runtime (hours):

The normal default Lenovo Power Manager Battery Maintenance setting
keeps your battery fully charged. Lenovo Power Manager starts
charging when the battery drops below 96 percent and stops at 100
percent. The runtime on the battery depends on the Power Plan
settings chosen.

There are several predefined Power Plans which can be customized for
your needs or you can create your own. For the best runtimes, start
with the Maximum Battery Life Power Plan.

Optimizing for lifespan (years):

The main reasons that defeat battery longevity are age, the number of
charge cycles, the amount of time at full charge, and the high

For maximum lifespan when rarely using the battery, set the Custom
charge thresholds to start charging at 40 percent capacity and stop
at 50 percent and keep the ThinkPad cool. The thresholds can be
adjusted in the Battery Maintenance settings of the Lenovo Power

If you do use your battery frequently, set the start threshold at 85
percent and stop at 90 percent. This will still give a good lifespan
benefit over keeping it charged to 100 percent.

For some systems, the simplest way to optimize for battery lifespan
is to select Automatic in the Power Manager Battery Maintenance
settings and let it manage the battery charge thresholds.

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