Installing and configuring windows deployment services in 2008

Installing and configuring windows deployment services

In this post we are going to see step by step guide on installing and configuring windows deployment services, WDS is employed to deploy OS on network, in 2003 we tend to use RIS (Remote installation services), With the help of windows deployment services we are able to deploy OS like windows seven, windows vista, server 2008 etc. Deploying OS on network save a lot of time you’ll deploy operating systems on several machine at the same time
Lab setup:- Install windows server 2008 then install active directory & DHCP i even have already installed active directory & DHCP on this server for installing AD & DHCP please see previous posts Active Directory installationDHCP server installation.

Installing and configuring windows deployment services

Go to server manager click on add roles choose windows deployment services role & click next.
Installing and configuring windows deployment service
This is an overview of windows deployment services simply Click next
Overview of WDS-2
Click next
WDS Roles-3
Click Install
Confirm WDS installation-4
Windows deployment services installation complete click on close
Installation wds complete-5
Installation of windows deployment services role is complete now time to configure it got to administrative tools then select windows deployment servies
When windows deployment services window open then right click on server name and select configure server to configure wds
Configure wds-7
You see welcome screen of WDS configuration wizard click next
WDS configuration wizard-8
Select remote install folder to I am slecting C:\Remoteinstall it is by default you can change according to yours settings click next
When you select c:\ by default you will get a system volume warning message just click yes to continue
Remote install-9
Select both options then click next
DHCP option 60 wds-11
On PXE server setting select respond to all client computers then click on finish it start’s configuring wds server
After wds configuration you see screen like given below click on finish to add images on wds server
Add images in WDS
Select image file location here D:\ is my DVD drive on which I have windows 7 DVD
image path for windows 7
Create image group here
Image Group
Review settings & Click next
Windows deployment services automatically add boot & install images
adding boot image-18
After adding all images you see windows 7 group name we created earlier in install images
Installing and configuring windows deployment services is completed in the next post we will discuss on deploy windows 7 on client machines

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