Unexpected powering off or Wake from Standby mode conditions - ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

Unexpected powering off or Wake from Standby mode conditions - ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

The system may power off unexpected on battery or AC adapter. This condition can be caused during opening or closing of the LCD panel or by pressing lightly on the left side of the LCD bezel with light force (1kg).
While pressing on the LCD bezel, the system may power off. To restart the system, it may require that the system battery be reset (bottom cover and reset hole) to allow the system to restart.


X1 Carbon
X1 Carbon Touch

All Operating Systems

X1 Carbon:

The camera cable, FRU 04W3906, is damaged and must be replaced with a new FRU. Ensure proper routing of the camera cable to prevent the cable from being routed over any area that is used for securing the rear cover with the LCD bezel.

X1 Carbon Touch:

The camera cable is internal to the LCD assembly. The Servicer should replace the LCD assembly with WWAN or WLAN LCD assembly.

The camera cable internal damage is shown below:

(Embedded image moved to file: pic08881.jpg)Description: Description:
Description: C:\Users\mobpe\Pictures\Jun19-photos\Pictures\P1010866.JPG

The correct cable routing for X1 Carbon is shown below:

1. The cable routing (left hand side cable routing portion when towards
    LCD module) needs attention for the locations with red circle as
    indicated in Photo 1. The cable needs to be fully inserted into the
    recess area. The cable is not allowed to climb on the rib/wall.

2. Inspect the eight red circles area on the LCD cover to ensure that
the cables are fully in the recess areas. Then, complete following the
HMM steps to assemble the system.

Camera Cable (FRU 04W3906)
Touch LCD Assembly (WWAN 04Y2060)
Touch LCD Assembly (WLAN only 04Y2061)

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