Video jitter on external monitor through VGA (Merck Sharp and Dohme Corp. T430 systems ONLY)

(NEW ECA TP-445) Video jitter on external monitor through VGA (Merck   
 Sharp and Dohme Corp. T430 systems ONLY)                                
· This is a Customer Specific ECA for Merck Sharp & Dohme |
   Corp. systems ONLY. |
· The purpose of this ECA is to provide a replacement system|
   board for ThinkPad T430 systems which exhibit the symptom described |
   in the “Detail” section below. |
· This ECA is implemented World Wide. |
· The repair policy for this ECA is Fix-on-Fail. |
· The effective date of this ECA is 07/01/2015. |
Machine Type |
| B/M |
| Machines affected and/or |
| feature/device/description |
| Service hours |
| System hours |
| 2349 |

| See Physical check section below |
| 0.5                                       
| 0.5
 Physical check

Eligibility for this ECA requires the system to meet ALL the following

1. The system must be asset of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
2. The system must be a ThinkPad T430 listed in the attached Merck
Sharp & Dohme Corp inventory listing.       

3. The system must exhibit the failing symptom as described in the
“Detail” section of this document below.
The system must experience one of the following failing symptoms in order
to qualify for this ECA:                                                 

· Noise (flicker) on external monitor or display when   
attached to the T430’s VGA port                                 
· Amount of signal noise (flicker) will depend on the   
type of device attached                                         
· This issue is only occurs with VGA output             
· Digital output to a digital display (i.e. Mini        
DisplayPort, DVI) is not affected                               
Service Directions                                                      

If the system meets the criteria stated above, replace the system board  
with FRU 04X3641 (or newer FRU P/N).                                     
For qualified systems, repairs should be done according to normal repair
methods as documented in the ThinkPad T430 Hardware Maintenance Manual.
 NOTE: This ECA will expire on 4/30/2017                                 

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